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I have years of experience fighting for dismissals, taking cases to trial, and WINNING Not Guilty verdicts.

- Muneer Awad

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Failure to Appear Driver License Suspension

If you miss your court date in Georgia, a Failure to Appear (FTA) can result in a Driver License Suspension. The Georgia Department of Driver Services often suspends licenses for failing to respond to or resolve a traffic citation. However, there are ways to prevent a suspension and even reinstate your license if it was […]

Minor in Possession of Alcohol in Georgia

A criminal record is a serious consequence that will negatively impact your future. For this reason, young people must do everything possible to avoid a criminal conviction. Unfortunately, being a minor in possession of alcohol in Georgia is an easy way to get caught up in the criminal court system. To learn more about keeping […]

Statute of Limitations for Georgia Sex Crimes

Being accused of a sex crime can ruin your life. Consequently, waiting to find out if the police will act on that accusation can be unnerving. How long do you have to wait before finding out if the police intend to arrest you? Or before the District Attorney plans to formally charge you? The answer […]

  • Client Reviews As another client commented, no one wants to "need" a lawyer. But if you do, Muneer Awad, is your man. He is honest, knowledgeable, compassionate, true to his call! My son made some very bad decisions and was also in a county known to be difficult to deal with. Mr. Awad looked at the heart of my son and fought hard to resolve his case without a felony on his record. He was successful. I am in awe. Muneer, words can not begin to express my gratitude.  - Amanda G. (Verified Google Review)
    “I am in awe.”
  • 5
    Client Reviews I went to court without him and the prosecutor wanted me to do jail time. I hired him and 2 court dates later my case was dismissed.
    Jennifer A.
  • 5
    I was worried my daughter life would be ruined because misdemeanor charge in high school. Mr. Awad met with us took his time explaining everything to us and never made us feel dumb or with no hope. Our first meeting with him we knew he was the best thing that happened to us and we stopped worrying and relied on him. He told us what are options are and even gave us advice not to waste our money on a lawyer if we didn’t need one based on what would happen at my girls first court date. how many lawyers do you know will advise you not to spend money!?He told us what could happen at a consultation and it was like he could see the future. Everything we wanted we got, my girl has no record and no probation and I didn’t have to go in debt to hire an attorney or pay any probation fees.
    Regina C.
  • 5
    I met Mr. Awad during a business agreement dispute. He was representing my adversaries but I discovered that he was trustworthy and sincerely looking for the beat outcome for everyone. I saw that he listened and explained things to me better than my own attorney. At the end of the day a bitter business fight turned into a closed case with all parties satisfied thanks to Mr. Awad efforts. I would recommend this attorney.
    Kirk V.
  • 5
    I hired Mr. Awad after my landlord started an eviction notice on my business. I went to him with a “least possible damage” mindset, but after the first consultation, I left with the peace of mind that I deserve to finish out my lease. At the trial, Mr. Awad clearly was more than prepared to defend me and totally shut down all arguments my landlord and his team of attorneys had presented. The judge didn’t give his ruling that day, told everyone he would look over all evidence and transcript of the trial, then mail us his judgement, but his letter only confirmed what everyone present in that courtroom knew, Mr. Awad gave me the right to stay on the property. Mr. Awad is very professional and approachable, he never made me feel uncomfortable or undeserving of his time.
    Stan R.
  • 5
    DAs wanted me in prison and they wanted a felony conviction before I got Awad on my team. I switched lawyers but it was worth it. I went from a 5 year felony case to my felonies being dismissed and pleads to misdemeanor probation.
    Allen W.
  • 5
    I’ve been with Mr. Awad twice. For my traffic ticket he wouldn’t take money from me and told me how to handle my case by myself and it worked. He gave me the confidence to go in there and get my ticket dismissed. I felt like I was My Cousin Vinny lol! This last time I needed him and he has been amazing. I’ve had other lawyers but Mr. Awad is special. Just knowing hes there when I call makes me calm and assured everything’s going better than I even deserve. I don’t know how but he already has an offer for my felony to be dismissed and he’s still working on the case. HE IS THE MAN!
    Jim T.
  • 5
    My lawyer helped me a lot with the dismissal in 6 months which I appreciate very much. Muneer taught me a lot while I have been going through this case. I really appreciate this very much.
    Michael J.
  • 5
    Hiring Muneer Awad was the best decision of my life. 2 different cases dismissed.
    Randy M.
  • 5
    As a teenager we tend to make mistakes but those mistakes can be fixed if you have the right lawyer behind you. Mr. Awad did everything in his power to make the the littlest consequence could take place. In my opinion he’s one of the best lawyers in MARIETTA, Ga! Im 17 and I had around 5 charges with marijuana & firearms, 2 misdemeanors and 3 felonies. They offered 2 years incarceration while the he got me off with conditions (first step before probation). After the case I was left with ONE charge left on my name which the judge overlooked. I absolutely, strongly advise you to work with Mr. Awad. GUARANTEED nothing but the best possible outcome.
  • 5
    Mr. Awad was patient, helpful, smart, creative, and everything me and my son could have asked for. I've seen attorneys run all over clients while working and that was not mr. Awad. He didn't care if the prosecutor or judge got mad or pushy, he stood up for my son and got us the best result we could have asked for. I Hope I never need to be in court again but if I do mr. Awad is the man I would want by my side. A true gentleman and great lawyer!
    Ellen G.
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